Your Coffee Club

If you would like to keep this fundraiser going…”continuous fundraiser”…you can invite your customers to buy coffee on a regular basis or semi-regular basis. This means your hard work will pay off for the long run.  You have the opportunity to continually raise funds through your very own “Coffee Club”.


As you build your Coffee Club, be imaginative and create incentives for your customers so they will think twice before they would ever consider cancelling their membership.  For example: if you took one dollar from every pound of coffee you sold Grandpa, which amounts to at least 12 dollars annually, you could buy him a mug with your picture on it.   If you have ten customers, you have greater buying power when you purchase promotional items in quantities.  Have you considered what ten customers will bring you in profit?  Ten customers times $5.00 profit equals $50.00, times twelve months equals $600.00. Subtract the cost for the incentive promotional item, (ten customers times $12.00 = $120.00) and you are left with a net profit of $480.00.



When you deliver your customer's coffee, you could inform them of their opportunity to join your coffee club.  At that time, you could also tell them that they can expect a courtesy call from you within a week so you can get feedback on their coffee experience and ask if they would like to join your coffee club.  In the coffee club, basically, your customer will receive their three month’s supply of coffee four times a year, prepaid.  Check your resource page for a sample flyer that you can give to your customers. It explains the Coffee Club Membership. You could leave it with your customers for their perusal.
Once you have your coffee club set up, you can easily manage and add new customers.   You can offer the opportunity to others to join throughout the year while attending church events, family gatherings, etc.
  To learn more about setting up your own Coffee Club call us at 1.888.913.2561 Ext. 1 and one of our Coffee Club specialists will be happy to assist you.

Tip: Whenever you talk about your fundraiser, be sure to use the term “Continuous Fundraiser”.  As a result, the person you are having a conversation with may ask why you call it a Continuous Fundraiser. This is your opportunity to talk about your Coffee Club.  Explain that your fundraiser does not end when your campaign ends but you continue to service your customers by providing their coffee needs year round when they join Your Coffee Club.


TIP:  Your potential customer may inquire if you are buying the coffee for your home/ personal use.   There is sometimes an expectation to be a user of the product you are trying to sell others.  However, not everyone drinks coffee but most will have it available for guests.