Sample survey questions

  1. Do you purchase coffee for personal use?

  2. Do you purchase coffee for other reasons such as church socials, work, gifts etc.?

  3. Where do you usually buy your coffee?

  4. How many pounds of coffee do you purchase in an average month?

  5. Do you purchase your coffee ground or as whole beans?

  6. On average, how much do you pay for one pound of coffee?

  7. Does it interest you that your coffee purchase will benefit me personally and also support impoverished children in third world countries?

  8. Would you introduce our coffee to one of your church groups? i.e. youth ministry, men's ministry, etc.

  9. I have three choices of coffee you can choose from, in both ground and bean.  Can I interest you in buying a pound of my coffee for $15.00, shipping included, hand delivered by me.

  10. Please provide the following information if you would like for me to contact you so I can take your coffee order.

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