Frequently asked questions

Is there an application fee?

Short answer... no way!

How much profit does a group make on 1 lb of coffee?

Your group will make $5.00 for every pound of coffee sold. This is subject to having sold at least 60 pounds of coffee whereby your shipping charges are FREE. So 60 pounds of coffee sold @ $5.00 profit per pound = $300.00 For example: Coffee sold at $15 per lb. will bring $5 profit. Canvassers........Lbs. sold each...............Profit 20.......................20.......................$2,000 30.......................20.......................$3,000 40.......................20.......................$4,000 50.......................20.......................$5,000 I knew those math classes would pay off some day :)

How long does it take to get the coffee once I have placed an order?

Once we receive your order form, we will send you an invoice. As soon as your invoice is paid, your order will be processed. Your coffee will be shipped within 5-10 business days, fresh from our roaster. Except during the Christmas Season where it can take 10-15 business days.

How do I pay for the coffee?

You can pay either via cheque, credit card, or eTransfer. Instructions will be provided when you receive your invoice.

How do you handle damaged coffee?

In the unlikelihood that you should receive a damaged bag of coffee, no problem! Just contact our office and we will have a replacement bag(s) sent to you pronto. We want you to be able to confidently serve your customers. Your happiness and success in your fundraiser is important to us.

How do we manage customers who want to reorder?

We want you to have a Continuous Fundraising experience.

We will work closely with your point person and help devise a plan so you can service your customers and take subsequent orders. This will depend on the time commitment and value your group has experienced in selling coffee as a fundraiser.

One option is we can set up your organization so you can provide a coffee club service to your customers. You can sign-up your customers for Your Coffee Club Membership. They will receive their coffee every three months. Coffee is shipped to you and you make the arrangements to distribute the coffee through your canvassers or whatever means you choose. Logistics on payment methods and delivery can be discussed in greater detail at your convenience. Just call or drop us an email to set an appointment.

Who benefits from the profit your organization raises from the sale of coffee?

100% of the net profits from the sale of our coffee goes to support impoverished children and their care-givers. We support three charitable organizations. Go to "Who Benefits?" for more detailed information.

Is this a socially conscious coffee?

Yes. Our socially conscious coffee is called Fairway Coffee.

FairWay Coffee is a responsible, socially conscious venture to trade coffee and use the profits to help the impoverished people of developing countries.

Coffee is the largest traded commodity of many coffee growing countries. We believe that the people of these countries should receive benefits from the sale of this commodity. FairWay Coffee does more than concentrate charitable giving to one sector of society. We also believe in helping other needy people from the sale of FairWay Coffee. We call this a fair way to do business.

Working with our partners who have direct relationships with these people through their social programs, we are able to help deprived children, their families and their care-givers.

Do you have any guarantee for satisfaction?

Yes. If a customer isn't satisfied with our coffee, then our commitment to provide a high quality 100% Arabica coffee isn't met! To prove our confidence in the coffee we provide, we are offering a generous 15-day, money back, satisfaction guarantee! ​If you make a written request within 15 days of delivery and note that you are not satisfied with the coffee, you qualify for a refund from Coffee Online for the same price that you purchased the coffee!

​Coffee Online's (the administrator for Continuous Fundraising) commitment is based on customer satisfaction via long-term relationships. We try to ensure that our customers are confident that they will receive a reliable service from an honest company when they choose Coffee Online.

​Please Note! The fundraising group will be responsible for their portion of the sale price to be refunded to their customer.

Why is it called Continuous Fundraiser?

Coffee is one of those staple foods that most people have in their homes for daily use. Fundraising products such as cookies, apples, popcorn, etc. do not have the same buying power as the repetitive sales potential of coffee. Coffee provides your group with a product that is statistically in your favor. Your customers will repeat their purchase. This will empower your continuous fundraising campaign and pour money into your group on a continuous basis. Once started, it can easily be managed as a year-round fundraiser.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Whom can I ask?

If you would like further explainations on any of our FAQs or you would like to pose a different question, please click here to go to our contact page. We look forward to corresponding with you.

Can Homeschool support groups use the Continuous Fundraiser Program?

Absolutely! Homeschool Groups can benefit from the Continuous Fundraiser Program just like any other organization. For example: If you are part of an international membership, like HSLDA, as a member you have the benefit of a private coffee label especially designed by HSLDA.

I am a leader of a support group/ private school/ public school/ youth organization/ church group. Any advice/tips/guidelines on how I should plan a continuous fundraiser campaign?

When you become a member of CF Program you will have access to our Guidelines for a Successful Continuous Fundraising Campaign. Plus many more resource materials that will help you run a successful campaign.

What is a Group Coffee Club?

When you sign up for our Continuous Fundraiser Coffee Club Membership, you are not only receiving the convenience of having your coffee needs met but you are contributing to an ongoing fundraiser that will help meet the financial goals of your favorite Group.​

  • You get to select your coffee from three of our popular roasts.
  • You can change your coffee selection anytime prior to 30 days of Delivery Date.
  • Delivery Date will be provided by the Fundraising Group.
  • Coffee will be delivered by the Fundraising Group every three months.
  • If there are any changes to Delivery Date, you will be notified by email.
  • Cost of the coffee is 15.00 per lb. ($5.00 per lb. goes to your Fundraising Group)
  • Minimum order is three pounds. (one pound per month)
  • Method of payment will be sent to you by the Fundraising Group Organizer.
  • You may cancel anytime prior to 30 days of Delivery Date.

Your next step: Tell your Canvasser that you would like to join their Group Coffee Club.

What method of shipping do you use?

We ship all our coffee by Canada Post Expedited Service.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours run from 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM (Newfoundland Daylight Time - NDT) Monday to Friday.

After hours inquires can go to our contact page and we will respond the following business day. You won’t be forgotten!