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If you would like to keep this fundraiser going…”continuous fundraiser”…you can invite your customers to buy coffee on a regular basis or semi-regular basis. This means your hard work will pay off for the long run.  You have the opportunity to continually raise funds through your very own “Coffee Club”.


When you deliver your customer's coffee, you could inform them of their opportunity to join your coffee club.  At that time, you could also tell them that they can expect a courtesy call from you within a week so you can get feedback on their coffee experience and ask if they would like to join your coffee club.  In the coffee club, basically, your customer will receive their three month’s supply of coffee four times a year, prepaid.  Check your resource page for a sample flyer that you can give to your customer. It explains the Coffee Club Membership. You could leave it with your customers for their perusal.
Once you have your coffee club set up, you can easily manage and add new customers via your online account.  You can offer the opportunity to others to join throughout year while attending church events, family gatherings, etc.
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Fairway Coffee Certified, the socially counscious coffee.


Manos de Cafe is the brand coffee for Continuous Fundraiser.

Continuous Fundraiser
P.O. Box 89

St. Andrews, NL,  A0N 1W0


Continuous Fundraiser, Manos de Café, Fairway Coffee and Coffee Online are projects of IAM, Inc.

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