Continuous Fundraiser
Guidelines & Tips

Here are some guidelines and tips to help you have a  successful Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  



      urvey your family, close family friends, association members, church members, etc. to find who would be interested in buying your coffee. Include those with whom you have relationship, who would not feel offended or intruded upon by taking a few minutes to answer your survey questions.  This method cuts right to your target group.  The most important question to include in your survey is “Will you buy my coffee?” The results will pretty much give you your customer base.  A great start! However, it does not stop there.  This first group of customers could potentially reach out to one of their close friends and ask if they would support your Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  Now you have potentially doubled your customer base.  Here is what you do to get started...


  irst – compile a list of names and email addresses of your relatives, close friends, neighbors and church/association members to whom you feel comfortable in sending your survey (questionnaire). Be prepared with printed copies of your survey for give to those who are not online.  This may include senior members of your family/friends.



     econd – prepare your questionnaire.  You may choose questions from our list to get you started.  It is important to keep your questions short and to the point. Always reference your fundraiser as a Continuous Fundraiser and be sure to explain the goal or purpose of your fundraiser.

Here is a link to a sample survey you can adapt for your use.


   hird – Send the survey and wait for the responses.  However, before you do, we suggest that you take the time to call your target list first.  In doing so, your contacts will be prepared and more likely to respond and complete your survey.



   ourth – Contact those from your survey who have expressed interest in ordering your coffee. Be sure to make arrangements to receive their payment. You must have the money collected for all your orders before your campaign ends and prior to ordering your coffee.
Congratulations! You are well on your way to have successfully completed your first Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  Soon your customers will enjoy a fresh cup of high-quality mountain grown coffee and you will have funds raised for your school trip or sports team!

Wait!  There's more... now you have the opportunity to start your own Coffee Club.