Continuous Fundraiser
Guidelines & Tips

Here are some guidelines and tips to help you have a  successful Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  

      urvey your family relations, close family friends, association members, and church members etc.  Anyone whom you have relations with that would not be offender or would feel intruded upon that would not mind taking a few minutes to answer your survey questions.  This method cuts right to your target group.  The last and most important question, which all the previous questions lead up to is “Will you but my coffee?”  That pretty much gives you your customer base.  A great start.  However, it does not stop there.  This first group of customers will not mind reaching out to one of their close friends and asking if they would support your Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  Now you have potentially doubled your customer base.  Here is what you do to get started.



     irst – compile a list of names with their email addresses of your relatives, close family friends (that could include neighbours) and church/association members that you feel comfortable in sending a survey to.  Be prepared to have printed copies of your survey for give to those who are not online.  Especially older members of your family relations.


      econd – prepare your questionnaire.  You can use this list to get you started.  Important to keep your questions short and to the point.  Be sure to explain the goal or purpose of the continuous fundraiser.  Make sure to always reference you fundraiser as a Continuous Fundraiser.  This open the way for you to explain what you mean by a Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  We will get into that later.

Check out a Sample Survey, click here!


     hird – Send the survey.  But before you send out the survey take the time to phone your target list first.  That way you are preparing your contacts and they will more likely to respond and complete your survey.


      ourth – Contact those from your survey that expressed interest they would like to order your coffee.  Be sure to make arrangements to receive their payment ASAP.  You must have the money for all your orders before your campaign ends and prior to ordering your coffee.

Congratulations you have successfully completed your first Continuous Fundraiser Campaign.  Now is where it gets really interesting and your hard work will pay off for the long run.  Now you have the opportunity to start your very own Coffee Club.  Yes you read it right, your own Coffee Club.


Fairway Coffee Certified, the socially counscious coffee.


Manos de Cafe is the brand coffee for Continuous Fundraiser.

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