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When you sign up for our Continuous Fundraising Coffee Club Membership, you are not only receiving the convenience of having your coffee needs met but you are contributing to an ongoing fundraiser that will help meet the financial goals of your favorite Group.

  • You can to select your coffee from several of our most popular roasts

  • You can change your coffee selection 30 days or more prior to your Delivery Date. 

  • Delivery Date is posted at bottom of green panel to the right. 

  • Minimum order is three pounds. (1 pound per month)

  • Method of payment will be sent to you by the fundraiser organizer. 

  • Coffee will be delivered by the method conveyed by your Canvasser.  

  • Coffee is delivered every three months. 

  • You will be notified by email of any changes in the Delivery Date. 

  • Cost of the coffee is 15.00 per lb. ($5.00 per lb. goes to your Fundraising Group)

  • You can cancel anytime 30 days or more prior to Delivery Date. 

 Just hit the Submit button below after you completed the form to the right.